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Aviation On The Hill Day


  Aviation On The Hill Day is Tuesday, May 16th 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM at the State House. Please plan to attend, call your state Representatives and Senator and ask them to attend. 

The agenda includes a meet and greet, a speaker program, a celebration for Andover Academy for winning the National and International Real World Design Challenge, an award presentation to legislators who have made strong contributions to aviation in MA, a delicious lunch and a luncheon speaker, Waseem Naqvi, President of the New England Chapter Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International

Invite your users, aviation associations, commissioners and businesses. After the event, plan on meeting with your legislators at their office in the State House. And finally, invite them to your airport. keep it low-key. Have them meet the people at the airport that make your airport great. AND either invite the press or take some pictures and send them to your local paper, or add them your the airport's Facebook page.