Why should you be a member of Massachusetts Airport Management Association?


one of the largest and oldest aviation associations in the Massachusetts

in touch with unique aviation issues affecting Massachusetts Airports


members broadly represent the aviation interests in Massachusetts

advocates for changes in aviation law and policy that affect airports

provides regular updates on breaking aviation news

provides access to policy makers, industry experts, politicians, government officials

provides education forums on a broad range of aviation issues putting you in touch with experts

leadership works directly with other industry leaders

provides technical resources for its members

responds quickly to represent aviation interests on emerging issues

provides scholarships to the next generation of aviation professionals

provides access to internships

provides access to a membership database

All members of MAMA receive regular association mailings on timely issues and events, legislative updates, conference announcements, an annual membership directory and access to our association representatives.

Who should be a member of Massachusetts Airport Management Association?

Airport owners, airport operators and management personnel, aviation consultants, aviation suppliers and manufacturers, aviation associations, pilots, government agencies, engineers, educators and students

MAMA Membership Categories 2015

Category Fee
Commercial Service Airports $500
GA Airports Municipal Airports $175.00
Private Public Use Airports $175.00
Restricted Private Landing Areas $150.00
Business Partner (Professional consultants and vendors) $300.00
FBO or aviation - airport based business $300.00
Aviation Partner
(Educational facilities, flying clubs, individuals and non-profits)
Association Partner
(Government agencies, students, and honorary members)